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Possible jam changes – what do you think?

Our next jam is December 7th, the featured tune is Groovin’ High, and our band is Dan Wallach – sax/educator, Michael Brenneis – drums, Paul Hastil – piano, and Lucas Koehler – bass. Michael’s notes are posted below. If you don’t know Groovin’ High there are many other tunes you can play. See the list of possible jam tunes.


Switching gears….. we need your help. We are always looking at ways  to improve the jam and create more of an impact. How can we boost attendance? How can we enhance the environment for creating music, learning, and listening to jazz?

We are always open to suggestions. Unfortunately they can’t all be implemented.  Many ideas have an obvious upside, and less obvious downsides. Frequently, things are not as straightforward as they seem: there may be logistical obstacles or  what’s good for one person is bad for another. We can’t please everyone but we try our best.

With all that in mind, we are asking for your opinion about possible changes to the jam:

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Tune for December 7th

Michael B-B photo

Notes on Groovin’ High and Whispering

The bop era practice of creating a new vehicle for improvisation from the chord changes of a previous song, coupled with a new, complex melody, was in full swing, pun intended, at the time Diz, Bird, the very young Miles, and Bud Powell were all at the … [Read More...]

Learning Jazz

Workshop: Conversation = Improvisation

Grimm Workshop
Dec 12/07  @ Madison Music Foundry
music improvisation workshop with BC Grimm
Sundays 12-2pm

“Breaking down the barriers & shifting the approach from the narrow field of ‘note/genre based’ improvisation, to the wide universe of ‘sound/conversation based’ exploration!”

>> Update!  We have lowered the price of this workshop to just $24 for each 2-hr class.  Sign up for a one-time class on December 7th!

Hello!  BC Grimm here, cello instructor at Monroe Street Arts Center & Prairie Music Academy.  I’m reaching out to some of you in the Jazz community to see if you can spread the word about this workshop.  I perform frequently with ‘5 Points Jazz Collective’ (straight-ahead), ‘Brennan Connors & Stray Passage’ (free-jazz) & ‘Lovely Socialite’ (psychedelic math jazz).  This workshop is not a ‘free-jazz’ workshop, however, all of the principles of my method in ‘free-improv’ directly apply to free-jazz & a broader jazz approach.  It’s all about having a conversation through music – how you interact with the other players in that moment.

If you know anyone who is interested in exploring the world of music-improvisation, please pass this information on to them!  All ages – any experience – any instrument.  Click on the picture or link above for an in-depth look at the workshop, who it is for & where to sign-up!