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Time after Time

I said this before and I’ll say it again, it is gratifying to know so many people like and attend the jam. At our last jam we had a large audience turnout and a near record 22 jammers! This is amazing considering how busy everyone is in summer.

I’ve been pretty busy myself. Last week I had 3 gigs and attended a birthday party, house warming party, and Atwood Fest. That’s more stuff than usual and it didn’t leave time for writing until now.

So what’s on tap for our next jam on August 2nd? For starters, saxophonist Ken Hoffmann joins us for the first time. Ken is a former Madisonian now living on Waukesha who came to the jam a while back and blew me away. I loved his playing and you will, too. The rest of the band is Paul Hastil – piano, Rob Lundberg – bass, and Devin Drobka – drums. It will be entertaining and educational as always!

The featured tune is “Time After Time.” There are 2 songs by that name performed by jazz musicians – we are doing the 1947 song by Styne and Cahn made famous by Frank Sinatra, not the Cyndi Lauper song covered by Miles Davis and a few others. It is in Real Book vol 2, and chord changes are online at Ralph Pratt’s Vanilla Book. It is often done as a ballad but we’ll play it medium swing like Kenny Barron and Stan Getz did in the recording below.


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