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Tenor Madness

We had an excellent jam today with good audience and jammer attendance and beautiful music from a wide range of ages and talents. With so many fun things competing for attention on a summer holiday weekend, it’s nice to know our jazz jam can hold its own.

The next jam is July 19th and the band is Johannes Wallmann – piano, Eric Koppa – sax, Matt Rodgers – bass, and Keith Lienert – drums. Week to week we go from one excellent band to the next!

The featured tune is Sonny Rollin’s, “Tenor Madness.” This is one of those must know tunes that shows up frequently at jam sessions. The definitive version is on Rollin’s album by the same name and is the only time Sonny Rollins and John Coltrane recorded together. It is a straight forward blues with an easy to remember riff melody. The line in measures 9 and 10 departs from the riff and forms an embellished series of descending half steps. This kind of melody construction often makes for a nice sounding line, a good thing to remember when improvising your own lines.

Of course, the solos are also packed with interesting lines to transcribe, assimilate, and integrate into your solos. Learning vocabulary in this way is a key method for developing as an improviser and should be a regular part of your practice routine. Here’s Sonny and Trane.

Learning Jazz

Learning jazz via the internet

In the lower right sidebar of this site are links to current articles from a few good jazz sites. The Jazz Advice site is especially good. After you’ve finished practicing for the day you might want to check out a few of these articles.