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Jam news – Sept 2014

A jam session is a good way to work on new tunes and try out new improv ideas, but it is much more than that. It is one of the best ways to meet other jazz musicians and network. For example, last Wednesday, Doug, Peter, John and I got together and jammed – we all originally met at Madison Jazz Jam. And on Friday I played a gig with Paul Rowley, an excellent young guitarist who came to his first MJJ earlier that week, made a strong impression, and was available to sub for Doug Brown at our usual Delaney’s gig. That’s a great week right there and all because of the jam!

David Cooper

David Cooper

On a more somber note, trumpeter Dave Cooper, UW-Platteville Director of Jazz Studies and one of our jam educators, has cancer. Dave is having a hard year. His sister-in-law passed away this year from pancreatic cancer and now he is fighting his own battle. Yesterday, Dave mentioned his diagnosis near the end of a memorial blog post for Fred Sturm, the longtime Director of Jazz Studies at Lawrence University who died last month from cancer.

According to the post Dave has had cancer since at least May. By all appearances he is doing remarkably well. He has performed at our jam since them and looked and played wonderfully. He is on our schedule for future dates as well. Let’s hope everything continues to go well and keep him in our thoughts and prayers.

Looking ahead to our next jam on September 21st, saxophonist Tony Barba will be our educator. He will be joined by Paul Hastil – piano, Matt Rodgers – bass, and Joey Banks – drums. The featured tune is Joe Henderson’s, “Recordame.” Michael BB’s prep notes are posted below. This week he prepared a sample solo over the changes with notes describing what is going on in the solo. I hope you find it helpful. If you like Michael’s prep notes you might also be interested in the improv class he is teaching at Madison Music Foundry this fall. More information about that class is posted below.




Tune for September 21st

Michael B-B photo

Recordame Sample Solo

Rather than my usual verbal assault on your mind, I have opted to write out four choruses of "improvisation" on this song. Think of it as Reverse Transcription! All devices of any significant duration or structural significance are identified underneath the … [Read More...]

Learning Jazz

Jazz Improv Essentials

Michael BB will be teaching a new course at Madison Music Foundry this fall, “Jazz Improv Essentials.”

Jazz Improv Essentials

Madison Music Foundry is also offering 3 other improvisation classes this fall, and a long list of other classes as well. Browse their fall 2014 classes.