Next Jam

Blue Bossa

Well, it was a lighter turnout today, but we still had a lot of fun. Actually, when it’s lighter we all get to play more so it works out for those of that that are regulars.

Our next jam is June 7th and the band is Dan Wallach – sax, Rand Moore – drums, John Schaffer – bass, and Paul Muench – piano. The tune is Blue Bossa. This is traditionally one of the 1st songs a jazz improvisor learns and we’re doing it because we still have a number of regulars that don’t know it. Ideally, we won’t have sheet music on stage when we play it – it is that easy.

It is a 16 bar form and at it’s most basic can be approached as C minor for 12 of the bars and Db minor for 4 bars. The next level is mastering ideas over 2-5-1 progressions in C minor and Db minor. Then you’ll want to work on different rhythms to use and ways to spice up your solo to make it exciting. Listen to the pros and try to learn a few of their phrases. Here’s the classic version with Joe Henderson’s unique approach:

Learning Jazz

Learning jazz via the internet

In the lower right sidebar of this site are links to current articles from a few good jazz sites. The Jazz Advice site is especially good. After you’ve finished practicing for the day you might want to check out a few of these articles.