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Jam recap and “The Nearness of You”

If you haven’t voted in our poll about changing the jam time or the format you have until midnight Tues. That’s when the poll closes. Here’s a link to the poll.

Now, on to our usual business….

We had an outstanding jam today. The crowd was huge with standing room only for almost the entire jam! I talked to many in the audience and it seemed everyone heard about the jam from different sources. It seemed to be one of those days where everything aligned and many people felt like joining us. It sure made for a festive atmosphere , inspired jammers, and terrific music.

Let’s keep it up and have another great turnout for our next jam on Dec 21st. Tell your friends about what a great time it is. Trumpeter David Cooper will be our educator and will be joined by David Stoler – piano, John Mesoloras – bass, and Devin Drobka – drums. The tune-of-the-week is Hoagy Carmichael’s, “The Nearness of You.”

Most of you are familiar with Norah Jones take on this beautiful ballad. The Frank Sinatra and Jo Stafford versions are also popular. Here is my favorite by Nancy Wilson.

Do we have any vocalists that want to sing this song with us? Singers are always welcome!

Michael’s prep notes will be on the site later this week. See you at the jam.

Tune for December 21st

Michael B-B photo

The Nearness of You – a simplified approach

Let's assume for the moment that everyone at the Madison Jazz Jam is a student of both jazz improvisation AND their instrument of choice. Not unreasonable, I hope. Thus, playing a bunch of hot licks and fast notes on a ballad is NOT the primary concern of this … [Read More...]

Learning Jazz

Workshop: Conversation = Improvisation

Grimm Workshop
Dec 12/07  @ Madison Music Foundry
music improvisation workshop with BC Grimm
Sundays 12-2pm

“Breaking down the barriers & shifting the approach from the narrow field of ‘note/genre based’ improvisation, to the wide universe of ‘sound/conversation based’ exploration!”

>> Update!  We have lowered the price of this workshop to just $24 for each 2-hr class.  Sign up for a one-time class on December 7th!

Hello!  BC Grimm here, cello instructor at Monroe Street Arts Center & Prairie Music Academy.  I’m reaching out to some of you in the Jazz community to see if you can spread the word about this workshop.  I perform frequently with ‘5 Points Jazz Collective’ (straight-ahead), ‘Brennan Connors & Stray Passage’ (free-jazz) & ‘Lovely Socialite’ (psychedelic math jazz).  This workshop is not a ‘free-jazz’ workshop, however, all of the principles of my method in ‘free-improv’ directly apply to free-jazz & a broader jazz approach.  It’s all about having a conversation through music – how you interact with the other players in that moment.

If you know anyone who is interested in exploring the world of music-improvisation, please pass this information on to them!  All ages – any experience – any instrument.  Click on the picture or link above for an in-depth look at the workshop, who it is for & where to sign-up!