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Next jam: Ladybird

I think everyone at today’s jam will agree it was a good one. Fourteen jammers is just about perfect: enough to fill out the session but not so many it’s hard to fit everyone in. And with a good mix of skill levels, less experienced players got to play with advanced players and be a part of some excellent music. We also had a larger audience turnout than usual and received positive and enthusiastic feedback. Just good feelings all the way around.

Our next session on October 19th features multi-instrumentalist and educator, Brad Carmen. He’ll be joined by the Rand Moore trio: Paul Muench – piano, John Schaffer – bass, and Rand on drums. The featured song is Tadd Dameron’s, Ladybird. We’ll have notes from Brad posted soon. For now, listen to Dexter and try to learn a few of his lines. He has so many ideas - find a few that resonate with you and  try to work them into your own playing.

See you next time at the jam.

Tune for October 5th

Ladybird ex 1

Improvising on “Ladybird” Changes

Tadd Dameron’s tune “Ladybird” is one of those great jam session tunes that can give an intermediate player a very good challenge, yet even the masters love it. What makes it great is that it breaks down into simple 2-bar chunks, but when all those chunks are … [Read More...]

Learning Jazz

Jazz Improv Essentials

Michael BB will be teaching a new course at Madison Music Foundry this fall, “Jazz Improv Essentials.”

Jazz Improv Essentials

Madison Music Foundry is also offering 3 other improvisation classes this fall, and a long list of other classes as well. Browse their fall 2014 classes.