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“Yesterdays” is next

I want to say “Yesterdays” is tomorrow. Fun to say, but not true, at least not right now. What’s true is “Yesterdays” is one of the top jazz standards and the tune we are featuring at our next jam on November 2nd. ranks it ninth among all jazz standards, in terms of being “included most often on currently issued CDs by the greatest number of jazz artists.” Despite this popularity I can’t remember ever hearing it at a jam session. Maybe because it was originally a ballad and those aren’t good jam vehicles. But like many ballads, it is also done at faster tempos. We’ll do it at a midtempo swing, fast enough to keep it interesting but not so fast it’s difficult. Check out the video below for a good example. More videos and a playalong are available on Learn Jazz Standards. Also, see Michael’s notes about practicing arpeggios over the changes.

Our educator will be trombonist Darren Sterud, and he’ll be joined by Doug White – keys, John Mesoloras – bass, and Rick Flowers – drums. It will be a great time as always – come down and join us. Last week we had students from East HS, Sun Prairie HS, Middleton HS, and several middle schools! Whether you are a student, an adult learning to play jazz, or a pro, you will fit in. And of course, non-musicians are welcome, too. See you there!

Tune for November 2nd

Michael B-B photo


This tune affords the opportunity to explore II -V chord progressions in the harmonic minor. It also gives good examples of the major mode as well, along with a key distinction between the two main uses of arpeggios: ON a Chord, and from One Chord to the … [Read More...]

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