Welcome to Madison Jazz Jam!

Join us if you an aspiring jazz musician or a fan interested in learning and listening to jazz. The Schedule page lists session dates and house band members. The jam takes place on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month.

If you are new to our jam, please see How it Works.

We are here to play!

You may use our drum set, our well-maintained Yamaha P22 Acoustic piano, and our upright bass. Guitarists should bring their own amps. Our PA can accommodate vocalists and other instrumentalists who need amplification. In general it’s best to bring any portable gear you feel you may need.

We provide music stands, and we keep several Real Books on hand for jammers to use each week.

More questions? Please read through our website, send us an email, or scope out the jam in person. Come talk to us, we’re friendly!

COPA SAIL is the Place!

In 2021 Madison Jazz Jams take from 6-9 pm on select dates at 2841 Index Road, Fitchburg, WI.

2841 Index Road, Fitchburg, WI