Although Madison Jazz Jam is open to all improvisers, the following information is aimed at younger or less experienced improvisers who will be playing in the 1st set.

Tune: C Jam Blues
Concept: Rhythmic variations

We are encouraging all early stage improvisers to work on C jam blues for this session. Find a recording of it and listen to it enough so you can sing the melody along with it. Then try playing it on your instrument. You’ve just memorized the melody and it was pretty easy wasn’t it? Now try applying some rhythmic variations. Try limiting yourself to just the melody notes at first and change the rhythms around. You’ll find you don’t need to play lots of notes to sound good if you have interesting rhythms. If you want to take it one step further try using different pitches over some of the interesting rhythms you’ve discovered. If you’re new to improvising this is all you need to worry about for now. Take your time and feel comfortable with it.