Friday, September 17  

6:30 – 8:30pm at Washington Hotel Coffee Room

Here is the FORMAT for: Single Line Groove and Song Building

So these are the “rules” for this “game” of Improv Workshop: 

  1. We will begin by creating “songs” from scratch.
  2. Each player will only play a single line. (so pianists and guitarists who normally might comp and have the ability to play harmony will limit themselves to one note at a time like voice,  horns or winds)
  3. Person #1 starts by laying down a foundational line approximately 4- 8 bars long
  4. Person #2 adds something to support/compliment that line
  5. Person #3 can add something to support or compliment person #1 or create a counter line
  6. Depending on how many people you have there could be more added in here
  7. The person added in gets to solo over the top of the song/groove
  8. When everyone is tired of that song…we start over!

This song building can be lots of fun! So come ready to create, listen, compliment and work together.

As always bring friends and family to hear you sit in and make music, eat the local salads, sandwiches, drink the wine, beer and coffee. Washington Hotel Coffee Room is a GREAT place to gather on an early Friday evening with the view of Monona bay and downtown.