THAT WAS REALLY FUN! I’m not sure how many people we had, maybe 60? Standing room only at times. Younger, older, newer improvisers, experienced pros, all having a good time. Great tunes, people meeting each other, cards being exchanged – just what we had in mind.

Thanks to Dan Wallach for the gentle feedback to improvisers during the 1st set; Nick Moran, Rand Moore, and Zach Nielsen for sounding great and holding it all together; the Washington Hotel Coffee Room; the Madison Jazz Society for supplying the piano; the many audience members that generously donated, and everyone else that helped out.

The next session is Sunday October 10, 4-7 pm. We should have some pictures up soon and we’ll post suggested tunes to work on.

Next time we expect more high school players. West and Stoughton HS were represented, but no students from the other schools. There are some awfully good high school jazz bands in the Madison area so I know there are more young improvisers out there. Let’s see you next time.