Mary Lou Willaims Performance Workshop at the IMW

November 19, 2010, 6:30-8:30 PM

Featuring Jane Reynolds and Laurie Lang
Washington Hotel Coffee Room
402 West Lakeside Street, Madison

For the 11/19 IMW, the theme will be the music of Mary Lou Williams. For the opening set, pianist Jane Reynolds will present a wide-ranging 40-minute set of Mary Lou’s music. A leader in Madison’s improvised music community for over 25 years, and co-host of “Strictly Jazz Sounds” on WORT-FM, Ms. Reynolds is the Midwest’s foremost interpreter of the instrumental music of Mary Lou Williams. The second set will be a jam session open to both professional and amateur musicians. Bring your favorite Mary Lou sheet music or just join in the music-making.

The IMW welcomes all people of all ages to bring friends and family to listen, cheer on the musicians, join in the music-making, eat the local salads, sandwiches, and drink the wine, beer and (of course) the coffee. The IMW is a program of the Madison Music Collective, with additional support from the Madison Jazz Society.

Harmony Nov. 5th was sweet!

November 5th - Enhanced Harmony was sweet. We started our set with John Becker (piano) and Laurie Lang (bass) and guest vocalist, Marilyn Fisher also guest drummer Aaron Cook!  Flu season has begun and Susan Hofer was down with some sickness all week. She was not sure she could sing, so in stepped Marilyn Fisher and WOW! Did I say harmony?? For those that were there… it was special treat to hear the quartet. Marilyn is a very experienced improviser and instructor and she added something really sweet to IMW with her sounds and her comments in between songs. THANKS MARILYN!

Later in the session Susan did arrive and managed to sing a few songs with her funkie sound and juicy note choices. She and Marilyn and another vocalist, Mary did a couple songs all together with the band.

John Becker took his soloing to various harmonic, distant lands and it was really some of his best piano playing all in one session.

Special thanks to Madison Jazz Society for help with the piano rental for the fall sessions. Thanks to Dewitt for the photo too!

Enhanced Harmony - Nov. 5th, 6:30- 8:30pm; features Susan Hofer, J. Becker and L. Lang and you!?

Come to explore Harmony!

We will traverse songs in interesting ways to enhance, develop or totally change the angle of a song by shifting or embellishing the harmony. Bring your charts to try this or join in on some already prepared harmonic shifts.

As always, Washington Hotel Coffee Room is the great place to gather with friends and/or family at the end of a long week to see the view, relax, have a local wine or beer, eat fresh food and, of course, drink coffee.   

IMW is for EVERYONE musicians and music lovers. The vibe is inviting and extremely creative. A GREAT way to start your weekend!

6:30 – 8:30pm Friday, November 5th Washington Hotel Coffee Room 402 W. Lakeside Street, Madison – no cover but there is a place to donate to the cause of IMW (we need your help) Thanks!

The last IMW of this fall season will be...November 19 –

The Music of Mary Lou Williams featuring guest musician: Jane Reynolds All music will be Mary Lou compostions come bring your favorite or join in to jam on some of Mary Lou Williams' best!

Improvisational Music Workshop is a program of the Madison Music Collective. Piano provided by Farleys Music and MJS (Madison Jazz Society) is sponsoring the piano rental for this fall season. THANKS MJS!!!!!!!!