Madison Jazz Jam News

This is a copy of a newsletter sent out today to everyone on the mailing list:

The big news is the Madison Jazz Jam article in today's Wisconsin State Journal. On the left sidebar of the front page is a picture and caption from the jam pointing to an article inside. That article is on the front page of the "Best of" section (entertainment section), and has several large photos. Tommy, Zoe, Allen, and Dan are in the main photo. There also are photos of Chris playing the drums, and Michael's hands on the keyboard. The online version has smaller photos and you need to click images above the article to see them all. Check it out! Show it to your friends.

More good news: we received a very generous donation from Ray DiBerardo, and a pledge from Madison Music Collective for $50/month for the rest of the year ($450 total). We also have a grant application pending and another in process. At this rate we hope to expand to twice monthly sessions by the end of the year.

With that in mind we are gauging interest for a fundraising plant sale to be held sometime in the early part of May. Bruce Severson, our Treasurer, and I have many perennials we need to divide. We'll need more plants and volunteers to help with the sale. If you have plants, a good place for us to sell them (otherwise it'll be at my house on the near west side), or an interest in organizing and selling them, please contact me.

What else? Dan's educational comments have been uploaded to the media section for anyone who hasn't attended the jam for fear of being publicly critiqued. One listen and you'll be reassured. And if you're an audience member with a limited understanding of jazz you can learn a lot.

Patrick Breiner's next transcription class is May 8th (subscribe to his blog and stay up to date). Once again we are hoping he'll go over a solo from one of the tune's on the agenda for our next jam, May 15th.

What's on the agenda for May 15th? Tenor Madness and Four. Of course, you can choose a song from the lists, any commonly known jazz tune, or a song we've done before. In the future we'll have a page listing tunes previously played at the jam.

We're in the news

This happened faster than I thought it would. Amber from the State Journal took a lot of pictures at our jam last week and the article is already online. It has a posting date of this coming Sunday so I'm guessing it will also be in this Sunday's entertainment section. Check it out.