We have a bit of a quandary. We recently made a big deal about learning melodies to tunes by listening to them rather than just reading fakebook charts. So I started listening to “Impressions” and discovered there doesn’t seem to be a definitive recording. All the recordings of Coltrane playing this song are live and each is unique. If this isn’t the case someone please correct me!

So how should we play the melody? According to Michael BB the version most commonly played at jams is in the 5th edition Real Book. I’ll see if I can get a copy of that, but in the meantime it won’t hurt to listen to several versions. It should help you with ideas to solo off the melody. 

Personally, I find soloing over this tune challenging. I’m having mild success using short ideas in a call and response manner or as motives.  You might see how this works for you.