With two jams per month they’ll be coming up fast. After our jam this Sunday at Talula we have another one next Sunday at Liliana’s. Here’s some advice from Dan about the next tune we’re learning for our October 16th session at Liliana’s.

“Lester Leaps is In” is a simple riff tune recorded by Lester Young in 1939.  The tune’s harmony uses “AABA” 32- bar song form,  “I’ve Got Rhythm”  changes as its chord progression.

The most essential element in preparing to improvise on this tune or any tune is to listen to the original recording and to do some transcription. (Learning the head and  at least part of the main solo by ear.)

When approaching the actual chords, remember that on a beginning level, the “A” sections may be improvised on in one key, in this case concert “Bb”.  After one has become comfortable with the one key method, it is prudent to dig deeper into the specific harmonies. The Bridge in rhythm changes starts a major third above the tonic, and works around the Circle of Fourths utilizing dominant seventh chord till we get back to the tonic key.