Next jam February 19th at Talula

Recordings from the last jam at Talula's are now on the site. We'll provide this service as often as we can given our all-volunteer status. You are welcome to bring your own recorder.

It was good to see the turnout from Sun Prairie High School.  Sun Prairie has arguably the premier high school jazz program in the area so we've been hoping to get their students down to the jam. Now that they know what it's about we hope to see them regularly.

A reminder: we like to see young people but jammers of all ages are encouraged and welcome. We always line up a great band and want to make sure as many jazz musicians from the community get a chance to play with them.

The next jam is February 19th at Talula. As always we have a great band. Fritz Schenker is joining us on keys for the first time. Fritz is working on his doctorate in ethnomusicology and played regularly on Monday nights at Magnus when they were still in business. He is an adventurous player and with John Christensen on bass and Michael Brenneis on drums sparks should fly.

Tunes designated for the 1st set are Blue Bossa and Footprints. We'll work these tunes at Liliana's the following week, too. Students from Madison Music Foundry are currently learning these tunes so we're hoping they will join us. See you there!

Jam Tomorrow!

Don't forget the jam tomorrow at Talula's. Since the designated first set tunes are for the whole month they'll be the same ones we did at Liliana's earlier this month, Lullaby of Birdland and Tenor Madness.

Trumpeter and UW Madison Jazz Orchestra director Jim Doherty is the educator. The  band is John Lombardo on drums, Dan Barker on keys (both of Swingtime Music), and Matt Rodgers on bass.

What is coming next for IMW - mark your calendars!

IMW continues to journey forward with the Madison Music Collective - February, March and April 2012!
Free workshops from 6-7pm will follow each of these concerts (3:30 - 5:30pm) at the Brink Lounge. Audience members will have interactive discussions and the opportunity to create music with the performing artists from each event.
  • Sunday, February 26, Randy Sabien String Quartet, Brink Lounge   Violinist Randy Sabien will perform with string musicians Chris Wagoner and Mary Gaines, and will be bringing in a unique string quartet featuring cellist Matt Turner, bassist Jeff Eckels, and guitarist Mike Dowling.
  •   Sunday, March 25, Laurence Hobgood, Brink Lounge Pianist Laurence Hobgood, long-time musical director and arranger for celebrated jazz vocalist Kurt Elling, will perform a solo set and a set with vocalist Sally de Broux, bassist Laurie Lang, and percussionist John Becker.
  • Sunday, April 15, Marilyn Crispell, Brink Lounge World-renowned avant-garde pianist Marilyn Crispell will perform one solo set and one set with a trio featuring multi-instrumentalist JoAnne Pow!ers along with celebrated Chicago-based “free jazz” bassist Harrison Bankhead and percussionist Avreeayl Ra.