There are several published chord changes to Footprints. In the article below Dan discusses the changes we’ll play when we perform Footprints at the jam. We’ll see if we can get Dan to explain what a “tri-tone substitution” is when we see him at the jam.


When approaching Wayne Shorter’s “Foot Prints,” think of the tune as being a double length 3/4 blues in “c” minor.  The changes do not follow a standard progression.  In bars 19 and 20, a tri-tone substitution is employed in place of the five chord. A good approach for those less experienced with this tune is to enlist the help of the “c” blues scale. (C, Eb, F, F#, G, Bb, C)  Once this is comfortable, then dig in to the intricacies of the harmony.  Remember that this is a minor blues.  Lastly, be aware of this tune being in 3/4, and approach rhythms accordingly.

Here are the chords:

| Cm7 | x 8|

| Fm7 | x 4|

| Cm7 | x 4|

| D7 | D7 | Db7 | Db7 |

| Cm7 | x 4 |