Today was a terrific start to what we expect will be a long association with The Fountain. Everything about the jam was so good I had a hard time controlling the urge to go nuts with exclamation points. I’ve done my best; it’s just that it was a great jam!

First of all, the house band was smoking! Anders on sax, Nick on bass, Michael on drums…. and then Johannes Wallman on piano. Are you kidding me? I hope Madison gets to hear a whole lot more of Johannes because he is the real deal. A national caliber player now living right here in our backyard.

And the big surprise was hearing Johannes on a real piano. Not only did the  Fountain invest in a Hammond B3 but a real (nicely tuned) upright piano, too. They are serious about becoming Madison’s next great jazz club.

The room sound was also a surprise: lively while retaining warmth, just right for acoustic instruments. Several people, including members of the house band, told me how much they liked the room.

What else? Well, what about the food? I saw an awful lot of tasty looking meals being served up. I didn’t ask anyone how their food was, but the chicken salad Mary ordered was huge and delicious.

I could go on and on: the nice turnout (around fifty altogether); two songs from surprise visitors Patrick Breiner and his trio, Sons of Daughters; seeing all the familiar faces and meeting new ones (including UW Professor of Music, Les Thimmig, and Cambridge High School Band and Jazz Band Director Nathan Gerlach) and….. well you get the picture, it was a great jam!

When’s the next jam? That’s easy, now it is always on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month so it’s October 7th. Check the schedule page for more information. We’ll post more information about upcoming tunes soon.