This post has been altered from the original. See the comments for more.

We are committed to keeping the jam consistently on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month even when there are conflicts with other events or finding available educators or band members is a challenge. As it turns out Dan can’t make the jam until later in November.

David Cooper

Anders Svanoe did a great job last week and Dave Cooper will be our horn player/educator the next three jams. I’m especially looking forward to these session’s just to hear Dave’s lyrical trumpet and flugelhorn again. Dave is one of the midwest’s most talented jazz and classical trumpeters and I always enjoyed hearing him during his long association with the New Breed Quintet. In addition to his extensive experience in jam settings Dave is a tenured Professor of  trumpet and jazz studies at the University of Wisconsin – Platteville. He wrote and teaches a jazz improvisation course at UWP in which students focus on a “tune of the week.” He is ideally suited to be our horn player and educator.

The other news is our song selection for the next jam on October 7th. We will still do “Things Ain’t ….,” and have added “Route 66” as an another option. Both are blues in F.

We had a little mix-up when discussing the key for “Things Ain’t…” and confused it with another song. In the process “Route 66” was picked to replace it. When we realized the mix-up we decided to play both on October 7th. It’s always good to know another blues and “Route 66” has universal appeal; it has been recorded by both jazz and RnB artists and is popular with all ages.

I think Dave is going to post some comments about “Things Ain’t…” so stay tuned for those. In the meantime here’s Nat King Cole’s famous version of “Route 66.” He does it in E but we’ll do it in the original key of F (Real Book 2). We may have a singer for this one and if she wants to do it in a different key we may end up doing it twice. I’m hoping we’ll be able to give you advance notice about the key in case you want to join her.