performance notes by Dan Wallach

Mr. Pc is a minor blues composed by John Coltrane in 1959 as a tribute to his long time friend and band bass player, Paul Chambers. Coltrane recorded it that same year on “Giant Steps,” considered by many to be one of the greatest jazz recordings of all time. As always, listening to the recording is where our exploration should begin.


Mr. Pc is a standard 12-bar minor blues. The changes we will use are:

||: C-7 | C-7 | C-7 | C-7 |

| F-7 | F-7 | C-7 | C-7 |

| Ab7 | G7+9 | C-7 | G7+7 :||

The Blues Scale is: C , Eb , F, F# , G , Bb , C

Starting with the blues scale as a point of departure in your improvisation is fine. Please challenge yourself to move beyond the blues scale and start to play on the actual chord changes the moment you feel comfortable.

See you all Sunday,