Notes by Darren Sterud

“This I Dig Of You” is an often overlooked classic jazz standard and the tune-of-the-week for our next jam on Jun 16th.

The form is simply ABAB’. The A section is essentially in Bb over an F pedal, and the B section is a series of ii/V progressions. The second B section ends with a classic ii/V back to the top.

The easiest way to sound great over the A section is to use a simple Bb major scale or pentatonic scale. As you look at the changes its Bbmaj/F Cmin7/F Bbmaj/F.

The B section is a series of of ii/V starting on Ebmaj. The focus point here should be the half step motion when the changes are C#min to F#7 then down Cmin to F7.

Take a listen specifically to Hank Mobley and his version and listen to the true simplicity in his soloing.

This is a great tune to call at any jam and to have the ears of any house band perk up.