I didn’t see that coming. We often shrug off competition from Packer games but I didn’t expect a record turnout. The room was packed for almost the entire jam and we set a record with 25 jammers! We had groups of students from West HS, Sun Prairie HS, Middleton HS, UW, a home schooled student, and lots of non-students.

The only glitch was the PA system did not work. It was hard to hear Dan and the band’s comments, and made it difficult for the vocalists and flute player. Sorry about that. Hopefully it will be fixed for next time.

Our next session is Dec 1st and trumpeter Dave Cooper is our educator. He will be joined by the Rand Moore trio: Rand – drums, Paul Muench – keys, and John Schaffer – bass. The tune-of-the-week is Sandu.

Sandu is a blues in Eb written by trumpeter Clifford Brown. We played Sandu last year and you can find Dan’s notes here. On this site you will find chord lead sheets, a play-along, and videos.

If you haven’t started learning tunes directly from recordings Sandu is a good tune to start with. Software like Transcribe! lets you slow it down in the faster spots and makes learning a tune off a recording much easier. Listen closely to the original version by Clifford Brown. You will hear inflections, accents, etc., and remember the tune much longer. If you have the time pick out a few licks you like and practice working them into your solos.