We had a nice jam yesterday. Not as many jammers (which meant everyone got to play more), but a larger audience with new faces, including a couple from Viroqua and another table from Northern Illinois. We pass out feedback survey forms to new audience members and it is always very positive.  Here are some responses received yesterday to the question, “What did you like most about today’s program?”

  • mentorship and encouragement
  • variety of player’s experience
  • young artists performing
  • they play great together and individually

Those four comments encapsulate much of the jam experience. We’ll have more of the same at our next jam this Sunday, April 13th. We’ll also have another all-star band: Johannes Wallmann on piano, John Christensen on bass, Joey Banks on drums, and Dave Cooper on trumpet and as our educator.  By the way, this group is playing at 8 pm Saturday at the Fountain. Check em out!

The tune of the week for April 13th is “Alone Together.” Look below in the Tunes section for Michael B-B’s helpful notes, and see Learn Jazz Standards for videos and chord sheets.