Isthmus Jazz Fest jam

For the first time the Isthmus Jazz Festival is hosting jam sessions. We are this Friday night 9-11 pm and the New Breed Jam is Saturday night 10:45 until midnight.

The big question has been the room. As of this morning we are back where we started:  the Memorial Union Play Circle Theater. It is on the 2nd floor near the Union Theater. Pick out a few tunes ahead of time, sign up, and we'll get you up there to have some fun!

Come join us to help Fund our 2014-15 MMC season collaboration June 19th and have FUN doing it!!!

The MMC also invites you to An Intimate Evening with Richard Davis, Thursday, June 19, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, at the Madison Opera Center. This is the MMC BIG yearly fundrasier great food, drink and sweet jazz company!

An Intimate Evening with Richard Davis and Willie Pickens


If you'd like an invitation contact the event chair, Sue Peterson, at: or call: 608-332-5516

Jam on June 15 and June 20

Our next jam is right around the corner on June  15th. Every week we put together a terrific house band for you to jam with. This Sunday we have Tony Barba back as our educator/saxophonist, Johannes Wallmann on piano, Nick Moran on bass, and Rodrigo Villanueva on drums. It doesn't get any better!

The tune-of-the-week is "What is This Thing Called Love?" Notes by Micheal BB have been posted on the site for awhile now.

In addition, we'll be adding his notes for "Doxy." That is the tune for our jam on Friday, June 20th 9-11 pm at the Isthmus Jazz Festival. The band for June 20th is Dan Wallach as educator/saxophonist, John Mesoloras - bass, Devin Drobka - drums, and Paul Hastil - keys.

The room for June 20  is still up in the air. The Fredric March Play Circle is still under construction and may not be completed on time. Hopefully, we'll have word on the room soon, otherwise make sure to check the schedule posted in the Union on that day.