Our next jam marks an anniversary for us; we begin our fifth year on September 7th. For years the jam existed only as a dream, but once it became a reality it came together fast and has never faltered. Twice a month our jam continues to offer an ideal forum for experiential learning. The best local jazz musicians rotate through our house band, our educators are experienced and enthusiastic, jammers from a wide range of ages and skills participate, and we have the support of the community. To everyone that has helped: thank you for making this dream come true.

Our next jam also presents a mix of new and old. John Lombardo is on drums and our original and only educator for the first year, Dan Wallach, is back. We have two newcomers: Ben Ferris on bass, and Doug Brown on guitar. As a UW-Madison student Ben was active in many groups and hasn’t slowed down since graduating a few years ago. Doug Brown is a well known Madison jazz musician and has performed at the Isthmus Jazz Festival many times with vocalist Michelle Duval, and played as the original guitarist for over 10 years with Harmonious Wail.

Doug is a multi-instrumentalist and has recorded a CD of piano jazz but will likely play guitar most of the night. This will give more opportunities for pianists to play, and since Doug will bring his amp it will be easier for guitarists as well. The tune-of-the-week is “Have You Met Miss Jones?” Michael’s notes are already posted below.  See you there!