Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop : Leading from the Drums! Nov. 8, 3pm WI Union Theater, Shannon Hall

ANNOUNCING! Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop November 8th


This invite goes out to ALL community members young and old:

  • that want to learn more about jazz,
  • unique drum grooves,
  • innovative bandleader traditions
  • and the untold stories of women in jazz.

Come one come all to Memorial union for a free workshop!

Hosted by

Madison Music Collective http://madisonmusiccollective.org/

 Memorial Union Theater http://www.uniontheater.wisc.edu/Season14-15/mosaic-project.html 

Terri Lyne Carrington Workshop


"Get to know the artist, the drummer and one of the most exciting band leaders today!" 

November 8, 2014

 3-4:30pm  Talk and Workshop in Shannon Hall, Memorial Union, 800 Langdon St, Madison, WI 53706

8pm Mosaic Concert http://terrilynecarrington.com/mosaic/ 


Workshop Content:

  Get to Know the Artist

1. Ms. Carrington will speak a bit about herself and her experience coming up through the ranks of The legendary jazz Musicians of our time.

2. She will also speak about how she was received as a young woman musician (drummer).

3. As a well established and respected musician, Ms. Carrington will also share about her current projects, education efforts and the various other music work she  does.

There will be a short… 

Q & A about Carrington as an artist. 

Leading from the drums

1. Ms. Carrington will speak what it is like to lead a band from the drums and how she fits into the history of drummer/bandleaders.

2. She will also speak about what it means to "set the groove" - She will show some of her unique grooves, blends and hybrids

3. Ms. Carrington will share about her Mosaic project - what is it?  Why and who she choose to be in this project and how is has evolved?

There will be a short…  

Q & A about Drums and Mosaic

"Yesterdays" is next

I want to say "Yesterdays" is tomorrow. Fun to say, but not true, at least not right now. What's true is "Yesterdays" is one of the top jazz standards and the tune we are featuring at our next jam on November 2nd.

JazzStandards.com ranks it ninth among all jazz standards, in terms of being "included most often on currently issued CDs by the greatest number of jazz artists." Despite this popularity I can't remember ever hearing it at a jam session. Maybe because it was originally a ballad and those aren't good jam vehicles. But like many ballads, it is also done at faster tempos. We'll do it at a midtempo swing, fast enough to keep it interesting but not so fast it's difficult. Check out the video below for a good example. More videos and a playalong are available on Learn Jazz Standards. Also, see Michael's notes about practicing arpeggios over the changes.


Our educator will be trombonist Darren Sterud, and he'll be joined by Doug White - keys, John Mesoloras - bass, and Rick Flowers - drums. It will be a great time as always - come down and join us. Last week we had students from East HS, Sun Prairie HS, Middleton HS, and several middle schools! Whether you are a student, an adult learning to play jazz, or a pro, you will fit in. And of course, non-musicians are welcome, too. See you there!

Next jam: Ladybird

I think everyone at today's jam will agree it was a good one. Fourteen jammers is just about perfect: enough to fill out the session but not so many it's hard to fit everyone in. And with a good mix of skill levels, less experienced players got to play with advanced players and be a part of some excellent music. We also had a larger audience turnout than usual and received positive and enthusiastic feedback. Just good feelings all the way around.

Our next session on October 19th features multi-instrumentalist and educator, Brad Carmen. He'll be joined by the Rand Moore trio: Paul Muench - piano, John Schaffer - bass, and Rand on drums. The featured song is Tadd Dameron's, Ladybird. We'll have notes from Brad posted soon. For now, listen to Dexter and try to learn a few of his lines. He has so many ideas - find a few that resonate with you and  try to work them into your own playing.

See you next time at the jam.


Yardbird Suite tomorrow

Our next jam is approaching rapidly,  it is tomorrow!

We are expecting a good turnout since there isn't a Packer game, the weather is cooler, and we have a terrific band lined up. Saxophonist Eric Koppa will be our educator and will be joined by Mark Davis on piano (Wisconsin Conservatory of Music), Nick Moran on bass (2014 Isthmus Jazz Personality of the Year), and Rodrigo Villanueva on drums (Northern Illinois University). Whether you plan to play or just hear great jazz you don't want to miss this one!

The featured tune this week is Charlie Parker's "Yardbird Suite." It is not an easy tune and Michael's notes were posted late so if you aren't ready to play we understand. Just make sure you come with a different tune ready to play instead. See you tomorrow.