In my last post I talked about getting tested. Well, last Sunday we met our match. I don’t mean the Super Bowl; we consistently have well attended jams during the Super Bowl. No, eight inches of the fluffy stuff and clogged roads did us in and we had to cancel. Bummer, I hate missing a jam.

Luckily, we always have another jam right around the corner. On Feb 15th the band is Dan Wallach – sax, Johaness Wallmann – piano, John Mesoloras – bass, and Joey Banks – drums. These are all great musicians and educators.

The featured tune on the 15th is Charlie Parker’s, “My Little Suede Shoes.” This song is not like his others – the melody is simple and accessible and the chord changes are basic.  Maybe the best advice is to listen to Parker to hear how he approaches this tune and then see what ideas you can come up with.