Wow, what a jam! I enjoy all the jams but once in a while everything clicks and it is magical. Today was one of those days. I have no idea how many attended but we were packed from beginning to end with a diverse and balanced group of listeners and jammers. The 17 jammers ranged from high students to pro players, including Hanah Jon Taylor. Talk about adding excitement! To top it off we received over $200 in the hat. Thank you!

On March 1st the jam returns with Dan Wallach – saxophone, Paul Hastil – piano, Rob Lundberg – bass, and John Lombardo – drums. The tune-of-the-week is Nat Adderley’s, “Work Song.” This is a bluesy tune with only a handful of chords. It’s easy, fun, and simple enough that memorizing the melody and chord changes is very doable. Once again, your best bet is to listen to the original for the overall feel, and  for solo ideas. Learn Jazz Standards has charts and a playalong.