So far, Bourbon Street Grille looks like a winner. There were 2 people who thought the music was too loud. Everything else I heard was positive: easy and quick to get to, no parking hassles, and attentive wait staff. The menu has many options and many took advantage of it. Afterwards, I talked to Liz, the manager, and she was happy and excited to continue hosting us.

Next time we’re going to be in a larger room slightly further from the bar so we don’t bother people watching football and we can fit more people. For those with sensitive ears, the sound should be quieter. Trumpeter Paul Dietrich will join us for the first time. Paul went to school at Lawrence and DePaul and has been active in the Madison jazz scene since moving here a few years ago. He’ll be joined by Doug Brown – guitar, Matt Rodgers – bass, and Devin Drobka – drums.

The featured tune on October 4th is Yesterdays. This is a beautiful and often played song. Chord charts, playalongs, and videos are available on Learn Jazz Standards. I especially like the Stan Getz version so here it is.