Our next jam is September 3rd, over Labor Day weekend. It’s hard to guess the turnout. Many people will be vacationing, but then again a lot of students are back in town. If you’re a musician and considering coming you should know we haven’t had many jammers lately and you’ll likely be able to sit in quite a bit. We still have the same great bands and educational 1st set format.

The band this week is Paul Dietrich – trumpet, Paul Muench – keys. Joey Banks – drums, and Lucas Koehler – bass. They are all skilled musicians and excellent educators. Joey and Lucas are especially adept at funk so it works out that one of the featured tunes is Herbie Hancock’s, “Watermelon Man.” This is a fun and easy tune that hasn’t been featured at the jam since 2011! I recommend looking at the write-up from that time because it includes detailed notes from Sun Prairie’s esteemed band director Steve Sveum. I also found this interesting article about how many times this popular song has been covered. Herbie recorded several versions himself – we’ll do the original version. Here’s Herbie talking about composing it and then performing in both the original and revised style.

” Someday My Prince Will Come” is the other featured tune and is from Disney’s 1937 movie, Snow White. More advanced musicians will enjoy playing over these changes and in 3/4 time. Here is Miles doing his famous version: