Hi all,

The jam returns on Sunday, October 15 with a distinguished house band featuring Ken Hoffman (tenor sax), Johannes Wallmann (piano), Matt Rodgers (bass), and Joey Banks (drums). This will be a fun band to jam with. They’re all friendly, sympathetic educators – and they’re monster players.

The band will back jammers first on “Cantaloupe Island” from one of Herbie Hancock’s sixties Blue Note albums. If you don’t know the original, you may recognize the piano figure as key to a hip hop song by Us3 from the nineties. The second tune is “More Than You Know,” suggested by one of our house band numbers. In The Jazz Standards, Ted Gioia recommends versions from artists spanning the gamut from Benny Goodman to Sonny Rollins (with Monk in 1954 and on his own in 2009) to Joe Pass. Give ’em a listen and get ready to play.

We look forward seeing old friends and meeting new ones at the next jam on the 15th. See you there!