Music Teacher, Rhonda Chalone really shared in the fun by scatting into the microphone and then having many spontaneous soloists in the elementary school audience/choir.

All the kids sang the melodies to the music of Duke Ellington’s C-Jam Blues and a John Coltrane’s modal jazz version of My Favorite Things which they had learned the week before and had the opportunity to do some call and response scat in each of their classes.

Musicians: (L-R) Rhonda Chalone,  Jim Erickson, Dan Wallach, Jan Wheaton, Laurie Lang, Cliff Frederiksen, and Chris Sandoval gave a concert performance featuring the music of many jazz greats. There was also a funny and charming  performance by several of the classroom teachers using puppets to act out a jazzy storybook about a scatting jazz fly.