the workshop from 4:30 – 6:30pm ($25 fee – includes high level instruction and a meal at Common Ground) Richard Hildner, Laurie Lang, Chance Stine and Dan Wallach will be the instructors

This is for anyone wanting to learn more about playing jazz music. This is a safe and fun space to learn more about improvising. You can be a beginner to jazz or someone who wants to learn more about how to craft your solos. This is a fun place to learn,  bring a friend, or your parent or maybe you are a teacher that wants to learn more about teaching improvisation.

The session is really short and practical   (it will be a little different each week for those that want to come multiple times and depending on who is there)

4:30 -5pm is about listening and learning on your instrument or voice, call and response, all about using your ear to learn to plat the music

5-6pm – learning a song and crafting it as a combo

6-6:30 dinner with friends and teachers

JAM / Showcase – no cover charge – free and open to musicians and audience members – food and drink for sale by the Common Ground Middleton

6:30 -6:50 showcase of what we learned in the workshop

7- 7:50 open Jam

8-9pm “Getz – Gilberto Set” with Richard Hildner, Dan Wallach, Chance Stine, Laurie Lang and John Becker