July 11 – Harmony

Educators: Jim Erickson, Dan Wallach and Laurie

Jam House band: The Bill Evans &McCoy Tyner set”Rick Flowers (drums), Jim Erickson (piano), Lang (bass)


July 25 – Riffs

Educators: Chance Stine, Dan Wallach and Laurie

Jam House band: “Betsy Ezell Quintet”Betsy Ezell (vocal), Becca May Grant (piano), Jim Huwe (drums), Richard Hildner (guitar)


August 1 – Practical skills for practicing jazz improvisation

Educators: Johannes Wallmann(piano) Chance Stine & Dan Wallach

House band: “The Art of Singing Jazz: Ella, Billie & Sarah” Jim Huwe (d), Laurie Lang (b) John Becker (p) Sally de Broux (v) Jim Huwe (d)


August 15 – Making your solo sing, learn to tell a story with notes

Educators: Laurie Lang (bass), Chance Stine & Dan Wallach

House band: Coltrane & Cannonball Set W/ a Nancy Wilson twist  

Stine & Wallach, Jim Erickson (p) , Rick Flowers (d), Laurie Lang (b) Jan Wheaton (vocal)




WORKSHOP 4:30 – 6:30pm

at the upper room at Common Ground

$25 fee for the WORKSHOP: Price includes instruction & dinner. This will be a safe and fun atmosphere to learn more about jazz and improvising. If $25 fee is more than you can afford, PLEASE ask for sliding scale price and/or full scholarship.  (text: laurie at 608-332-1408)


Basic Schedule for workshop

4:30 – 5 Jazz Listening session/Wallach Warm-ups

Call & response, listen to a featured recording, discussion and ear training with instruments or voice

5 – 6 Workshop/Clinic – “hands on” playing/learning jazz experience

6 – 6:30 Dinner with jazz friends (hang out with your friends and eat a dinner provided by Common Ground)


JAM & SHOWCASE 6:30 -9pm – FREE & open to all

in Main room at Common Ground (There is no chargefor the jam– open to all and no need to register ahead of time, come for 30 minutes or the whole 2.5 hour session, bring the whole family or come alone—we need an audience to buy food and drink to make this a successful event)

~ 6:30 – 7 set with the workshop-ies as a combo trying out what they learned

~ 7:15- 8 open jam (with sign up sheet)

~8:15 -9pm Showcase the House band  (and/or maybe certain students or guest artists)