Educators – Chance Stine, Dan Wallach and Laurie Lang

Houseband – Becca May Grant (piano), Jim Huwe (drums), Laurie Lang (bass), Chance Stine (sax), Dan Wallach (sax)

Showcase – Betsy Ezell Band – Betsy – (vocal), Becca May Grant (piano), Jim Huwe (drums), Laurie Lang (bass), Richard Hildner (guitar) maybe Dan and/or Chance (sax)

4:30 -5pm – Wallach Warm ups – mostly scales and call and response ear training

5 – 6pm Riffs — This week we’ll learn about riffs and how they work. How Duke Ellington used the most simple riff in C Jam Blues to be the melody of this song and how we can take a simple short phrase and use it to accompany others solos, how to transpose it and how to use it to develop a solo.


6-6:30pm  jazz social conversation and dinner

6:30 – 7pm – we will try out what we’ve learned kicking off the jam

7-8pm – open jam — sign up for the song of your choice to play with professional band

~8:15 -9pm Showcase the Betsy Ezell Quintet –
Betsy Ezell – Vocal
Jim Huwe – Drums
Becca May Grant – piano
Laurie Lang – bass
Richard Hildner – guitar