Our next jam takes place over Labor Day weekend; if I’d been thinking straight I would’ve had us playing “Work Song.” Instead we continue with “Little Boat” and “Cheryl.” “Little Boat” is a fun bossa with odd changes in which key centers move up a major third, then down a tritone, then up a major third, then down a tritone, etc. My theory is that a guitarist wrote this because the key centers move in a distinctive pattern when viewed on a guitar neck. The second tune is Charlie Parker’s blues (named after a woman, according to our theme), “Cheryl.” This a basic mid-tempo blues in C, but it has a devilishly tricky melody. You can find “Little Boat” in Real Book 1 and “Cheryl” in Real Book 3 and the Charlie Parker Omnibook, a wonderful collection of Bird’s heads and solo transcriptions. We’re privileged to have a house band composed of Ken Hoffman (ts), Johannes Wallmann (pno), Ben Ferris (bs), and Rodrigo Villanueva (dr) back us on these tunes and others of your choice! See you next weekend!