Nov. 28 (Wed.) 6:30 -9pm OJM Jam with Dietrich, Grant, Lang, & Sandoval

Join us for some great music making, good food and jazz friends.

December 2, 2018 jam

I'm sorry for the delay in posting our new schedule. We have the house bands lined up, but I have yet to determine featured tunes. So for the jam this coming Sunday, we will not have featured tunes. Just come on down ready to play tunes of your choice. The house band will be Ken Hoffman (ts), Doug White (pno), and John Lombardo (dr). The bass chair is currently empty. I'll post Sunday's bass player and featured tunes through March 3 later this week.

See you at North Street Cabaret on Sunday.

Nov. 28 (Wednesday) - OMJ Jam at Common Ground 6:30 -9pm


This Week with feature houseband: Becca May Grant - piano, Laurie Lang - bass, Chris Sandoval - drums

No jam on November 18, 2018

There will be no jam this coming Sunday, November 18. We'll return at our regularly scheduled time on December 2. I'll put up a new list of house bands and featured tunes soon. In the meantime, get out to enjoy the amazing music taking place all over town. This fall is shaping up to be a great season for jazz in Madison.

Wilson/Adderley - Nov. 14 - Kicking off OMJ Jam by showcasing Jan Wheaton & Dan Wallach 6:30 - 9pm

220px-Nancy_Wilson_&_Cannonball_AdderleyJoin us for a great set 6:30 -7pm of Nancy Wilson favs with our Madisonian legend, Jan Wheaton and Professor Dan Wallach's transcriptions of Cannonball Adderley.  The jam will continue with audience members, MHS students and community members joining the band. Erickson - piano, Flowers - drums, Lang - bass.

Nov. 14 - Wednesday 6:30-9pm OMJ Jam continues at Common Ground

OMJ Jam and Showcase is 1 year old.  There have been so many people coming out to play music together. Let's try to continue the fun for another year. WE NEED YOU to come and join us... to support Common Ground by eating and drinking there.

No need to come for the whole 6:30 -9pm time but get off your couches and join in the fellowship of making music and supporting those who do.