January 9th - OMJ Jam - Chance Stine & Friends

Chance Stine (saxophone) just graduated from University of Michigan and will lead the jam, Wednesday, January 9th, 6:30 -9pm with his line up of amazing young musicians.


Dec. 26 OMJ at Common Ground 6:30 -9pm

Dec. 26 we will feature Jim Erickson - piano, Chance Stine - sax, Chris Sandoval - drums, Laurie Lang - bass. That night the jam will feature holiday songs of your choice -- please bring charts or free flow on stage with well known tunes.

here is a chart for Jingle Bells that will be fun to jam on together.


Dec. 20 - Jazz Residency Concert - Jefferson

IMG_05539:30am at Jefferson Middle School the Madison Jazz String Quintet will perform with students from Jefferson and director, Carol Jenkins. Chris Wagoner - violin, Jon  Vriesacker - violin, Mary Gaines - cello, Laurie Lang - bass, John Becker - piano and drums /percussion. Through a grant provided by the Madison Jazz Society and the MMSD  teachers, students and area jazz artists unite to learn more about jazz, jazz history and work on ways to grow as an improving musician. Students will perform and improvise on a Duke Ellington blues and a John Coltrane modal arrangement of My Favorite Things.  The MJSQ will offer some other fun winter themed songs.

December 16, 2018 jam

This week we begin a new cycle of featured tunes for our six meetings through March 3, 2019. I've selected tunes from two themes: Miles Davis tunes and Coltrane "ballads." The Miles tunes will be the "easy" tunes of each week, if you can call them that. They're songs that many jazz players learn relatively early in their studies because they're pretty basic in harmonic terms. More challenging are the Coltrane "ballads." These are very pretty, more harmonically complex standards that Trane recorded on various albums OTHER THAN his famous Ballads record of 1963. In addition to being very pretty, they're also very fun to play. Check out our schedule page on the website for the full list of featured tunes through March 3.

For the December 16 jam, we'll do "Four" from Miles's Workin' album and "Imagination." The house band will be composed of the very capable Paul Dietrich (tpt), Paul Muench (pno), John Schaffer (bs), and Rodrigo Villanueva (dr). We'll see you at North Street Cabaret on the 16th.