April 7, 2019

This will be a quick one. At the next MJJ we'll luxuriate in the sounds of Paul Dietrich (tpt), Doug White (pno), Lucas Koehler (bs), and Rodrigo Villanueva (dr). The featured tunes are "April in Paris" and "My Romance." Things will be swinging.

If you're looking for something to do on Thursday, March 28, you should come out to North Street Cabaret to see the great Dave Cooper with his quartet of Jonathan Greenstein (ts), John Christensen (bs), and Devin Drobka (dr). You will learn by listening to these gentlemen. And if you miss them on the 28th, you'll have a chance to catch them at Arts+Literature Lab the following night, Friday, March 29.

March 27, OMJ 6:30-9pm @ Common Ground; houseband:Godfriaux (p), Hoffman(s), Huwe (d) and Lang(b)

Don't miss a totally grooving rhythm section with rhythmic stylings of Stan Godfriaux on piano, Jim Groovy Huwe on drums and Laurie Lang on bass top if off with the Breaker like Ken Hoffman on tenor sax. Hoping to see the Sun Prairie and MHS Ellington students and others wanting "in" on a great session.

March 17, 2019

This week we begin a new cycle of the Madison Jazz Jam. That means we have a new set of featured tunes and new configurations of all-star house bands. See the Schedule page for house bands and featured tunes through July

When picking featured tunes, I've chose three themes for this cycle: songs about spring and summer; Sonny Rollins tunes; and songs associated with Bill Evans. Remember that playing the featured tunes is not in any way required of people who attend MJJ. We pick featured tunes for each session solely to provide ideas for you to practice if you don't have anything else that you'd like to play. You can call these tunes at the jam, or you can play something else entirely if you choose.

Our house band for the March 17 session is: Mike Hackett (tpt); Doug White (pno); Francis Deck (bs); John Lombardo (dr). We're happy to welcome Mike Hackett, making his first appearance as a house band member at MJJ. Featured tunes are the venerable ballad, "Stormy Weather" and Sonny Rollins's classic rhythm changes tune, "Oleo."

We look forward to seeing and hearing you at North Street Cabaret in Madison on 3/17/19!

March 13, Wed. 6:30 -9pm - Wallach Host

On March 13 6:30-9pm at Common Ground Middleton- Jam host will be Professor Dan Wallach - sax, and his quartet: Steve Banik -keys, Lucas Koehler -bass, Matt Allen - drums

Looking for all players but encouraging Sun Prairie and Middleton HS Essentially Ellington players to come and jam. Also bring your family and friends to support you!

here are a few photos from the last session.