Session 4, August 14, 4-6pm, Wednesday

Workshop Educator:  Lynette Margulies (vocal/vocal & instrumental improvisation)

Lynette will explore using your “voice” and how to find your spot in a jazz combo. She will teach tools for listening and “locking-in” with your accompaniment and improvisation. This will be a very fun and easy way to find your voice with others. All you need is your “voice” (might be an instrument or your actual voice) and an attitude to have some fun with music. 

Jane. Laurie Lynnette


2019 OMJ Workshop, Jam and Showcase – Summer Group Jazz Improvisation Lessons

4-6pm, Wednesdays at Common Ground & 6-9 Showcase & Jam

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WORKSHOP 4:00 – 6:00pm 

What to expect in each session: (located upstairs room at Common Ground Middleton)

Bring your voice and/or instrument. If you play keys or drums bring a small keyboard or melodica, hand drum or snare and cymbal.

  • Warm-ups: a variety of long tones, scales, arpeggios, call & response, maybe listen to a featured recording, discussion and ear training with instruments and/or voice
  • Learning the melody and harmony of selected tune
  •  “hands on” playing/learning to improvise in the jazz experience 
  • learning from “well-seasoned” professional jazz musicians and educators

6-6:30 PM Showcase performance of featured song ~(10-15 song with all participants soloing) and then showcase students that want to perform solos, duos, and trio pieces, while everyone enjoys CG  Dinner together with jazz friends (hang out with your friends and eat a dinner provided by Common Ground, included in the session fee)

6:30 -9PM JAM– FREE & open to all

Houseband for the Jam: Lynette -vocals, Jane Reynolds – piano, John Becker – drums, Laurie Lang – bass

in Main room at Common Ground (There is no charge for the jam– open to all and no need to register ahead of time, come for 30 minutes or the whole session, bring the whole family or come alone—we need an audience to buy food and drink to make this a successful event) 

4-6pm : Summer Group Jazz Improvisation Lessons (Located at the upper room at Common Ground Middleton)

$25 fee for the Group Jazz Lesson & Dinner with Jazz friends.

Price includes instruction & dinner.

This will be a safe and fun atmosphere to learn more about jazz and improvising. If $25 fee is more than you can afford, PLEASE ask for sliding scale price and/or full scholarship.  (text: laurie at 608-332-1408)

Pay in advance (before June 26) and get a discount: