We convened a conclave of local bassists to give the lowdown on all things bass. Check out Aaron Brenton joined by John Christensen, Ben Ferris, Laurie Lang, and Mike Hill. Thanks to all involved!

During the coronavirus pandemic, MJJ is presenting FREE weekly “MJJ Stay At Home” sessions with local jazz luminaries. Each meeting takes place over Zoom, so if you are interested, email aaronbass514@gmail.com so you can receive the link and password. While the Stay AT Home sessions are free, we welcome donations via PayPal to help us keep the music going!

We record each meeting, so if you don’t want to show up on a video, make sure to enter the chat muted and without your camera on. (If you can’t make the meeting live, you can always check out the recording here or on Facebook.)

The meetings are limited to 100 participants, so be sure to get your inquires in ASAP.