About Us

Who are We?

Madison Jazz Jam is a twice monthly jam session for musicians to work on improvisational skills while performing with veteran jazz players. Madison Jazz Jam welcomes musicians of all ages and levels.

Madison Jazz Jam goals are to:

  • inspire young musicians to learn and play jazz;
  • mentor up-and-coming jazz musicians;
  • create an all-ages community of veteran musicians, music students, and the listening public;
  • broaden the audience for jazz and increase future capacity for quality local jazz.

Who Are We?

Madison Jazz Jam is a registered nonprofit organization in Madison, WI.

Board Of Directors

Joey B. Banks, Board member

Martha Florey, Secretary

Mike Hackett, Board Member

Laurie Lang, President

John Lombardo, Treasurer / Vice President

John Wanner, Newsletter Editor / Advisor


“Monthly drop-in performances are designed to be entertaining and instructional”

Wisconsin State Journal article about the jam, April 17, 2011

“I am glad more of my students are making the jam – it is helping our “jazz culture” out here immensely!”

– Steve Sveum, Sun Prairie High School Jazz Band Director

“I think you are doing a really neat thing there. It was such a treat seeing such a variety of people from the kids to the pros. Some of the kids were amazing.”

– jazz fan Jerry Sanders

So why is your Jam important?  Because if events like yours don’t give younger (and not so young!) people a chance to play it, with other players, the form will die when us original aficionado’s die—players and listeners.  Jams like yours are the only hope for the future, that jazz has.

– jazz fan Joyce M

“I am really pushing the kids, and some local jazz adults to go to future events. What you are doing is making a difference!”

– former Stoughton High School Jazz Band Director Craig Mason

“I was really impressed with the high quality of the playing from both new and familiar faces.  Even the tykes and grandma were impressed!”

– musician Chris Chambreau