Countdown to the first session

It's 4 weeks until the first Madison Jazz Jam session  and everything is coming together beautifully. The first jam is Sept 19 at the Washington Hotel Coffee Room from 4-7 pm . If you've never been there look for a knitting store located right on the railway tracks. It's behind that.

We'll have Rand Moore on drums, Laurie Lang on bass, and Zach Nielsen on piano. Bio info will be up shortly in case you aren't familiar with them. They're all pros and you'll love listening and performing with them. We'll also announce the musician/educator for the first session shortly.

Craig Mason, Steve Sveum, and Brad Schneider are the educational advisors. They're working on a list of tunes and concepts for first set musicians to focus on. As soon as we have the list finalized it will be posted.

So you see it's almost ready except for a few odds and ends. One of those is securing the necessary funds. This is where you can help. If you think this is a great idea, and everyone we've talked to has, then go to our Give a Gift page and give whatever you can afford. It's tax-deductible. We don't have the paypal site set up yet, that comes this week, but you can download the Charitable Gift form and send us a check.

Thanks, and stay posted for more.